Meta Finance
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Token Utilities

Hold esMETA to Govern
esMETA is used to receive voting power and govern the protocol. Control the direction of the Meta community, treasury, and protocol, and change protocol parameters.
Hold esMETA to Boost Yields
esMETA holders participate in the protocol revenue to boost their yields. At present, 70% of Protocol Revenue is distributed to esMETA holders. 30% of the Protocol Revenue is used for marketing and operational expenses such as dev, audit etc. However, community can use governance to increase Revenue share to esMETA holders up to 100%.
Fees and Rewards
Minters, partners, developers, and other ecosystem participants should always remain sufficiently incentivized to continue contributing and maintaining a robust ecosystem. Incentives could come in the form of batch solution rewards, trader incentives, ecosystem grants, and more.
Treasury holdings and Protocol revenue
Allocation of treasury holdings, distribution of Protocol revenue, and investing in ecosystem projects.