What is META?

META is the native token of the Meta Protocol.

The Meta Protocol is managed by people worldwide who hold its native governance token, META. META holders participate in governance and voting while sharing the protocol's revenue.

You can obtain META tokens by participating in the Meta IDO, earning rewards through minting mUSD, or becoming an mUSD/2Pool Liquidity Provider on Curve Finance (Arbitrum).

Where does Meta Protocol's revenue come from?

  • Minting and repaying mUSD is free of charge.

  • Meta Protocol charges an annual service fee of 1.5% on the total amount of mUSD in circulation. (The service fee accrues every second based on the current actual mUSD circulation.)

  • After deducting the service fee & rebase incentive (paid to rebase provider), the income generated by GLP tokens that Meta Protocol receives is distributed among mUSD holders.

META Holders' Real-Yield

  • 70% of service fee collected by the Meta Protocol is allocated to the META Staking Pool.

  • For example, if the total circulation of mUSD is 1 billion, the service fee collected in a year would amount to 15,000,000 mUSD. If you hold 1% of esMETA in the META Staking Pool, you will receive 70% of 150,000 mUSD i.e. 105,000 mUSD as your Real-Yield for that year.

The remaining 30% of the Protocol Revenue is used for marketing and operations such as dev, audit, etc. However, community can use governance to increase Revenue share to esMETA holders up to 100%.

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