Meta Finance
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Our Mission

  • Our primary objective is to establish mUSD as an interest-bearing, secure, and fully decentralised stablecoin that functions as a genuine crypto bank account for its holders, independent of any government or authority.
  • We aim to deliver innovative and all-encompassing solutions for liquid staking based assets, enhancing user flexibility and control over liquidity management.
  • Committed to fostering the expansion of the GLP ecosystem, we facilitate the participation of GLP asset holders of all scales, ensuring minimal barriers to entry.
  • We endeavor to provide state-of-the-art, easily integrable components that harmonize with existing protocols.
  • Our methodology encompasses transparent yield reporting and inventive emission approaches, establishing a sustainable token economy that fosters a positive feedback loop for GLP asset returns.
  • By amalgamating GLP yields and generating superior returns through a robust DeFi mechanism, we strive to emerge as the leading staking yield protocol, ultimately promoting the accumulation of GLP assets.